The ancient illusionists of Zancaro have hidden themselves from the world since time immemorial. Sculpting ash into form, they pulled forth powerful conjurations from these ivory plains, shielding themselves from the influence of the passing Dynasties.


Burn Away

They've lied and deceived you all your life, but you've found the courage to forge your own destiny. Burn away these memories that tie you to your past, that you can spread your wings and soar.


Burn Them All

You remember the heat, the screams, and the sound of fire, that night when the world you once loved was set ablaze. This rotten rebellion you once cherished, you've now reduced to cinders. By your own hands you've put an end to their terrible lies.


Dromai, Ash Artist

Call forth the Dragons of Legend from the annals of history, and unleash their wrath upon the betrayers. Childhood tragedy has set you upon a path of vengeance and pain, but your strength shall persevere, and your name will be spoken of with fear and reverence, throughout this ailing Dynasty.


Fai, Rising Rebellion

The Volcai look to you in these darkest of days, as famine and unrest sweep across the land. With the heart of the phoenix, you must overcome adversity, and lead your people to rise up against this oppressive Dynasty. But heed thee, for the world out there is not as it seems. Treachery abound amongst both friends and foes, and many a sacrifice must be made on the path to victory.


Phoenix Flame

Like a fallen phoenix that is reborn once more, the heart of the Volcai burns with a fire that cannot be quelled. No amount of oppression, nor fear can keep them in check; for the nature of the phoenix, is to soar.


Red Hot

A rising star within the Imperial Court, you have much to prove. Reclaim your birthright and gain the Emperor's favor, and one day all of Volcor will tremble beneath your feet.


Rise from the Ashes

The hidden clans shall rise from amongst the ashes, and answer the phoenix's call. As the blood of the Dracai stain this battered land, the great cycle of the Dynasties will churn once more.


Rise Up

A hot-headed young leader with much to learn, your noble heart commands the respect of your people. Set free the Volcai, restore their dignity, and perhaps one day you can put an end to this oppressive Dynasty.


Storm of Sandikai

Your anger has led you down a dangerous path. Not content with borrowing the visage of ancient legends, you've enslaved them within this perpetual storm. As white ash turn to black, and the Zancaro look upon you with fear, you feel naught but the thrill of an overwhelming power.



Every great cycle, a phoenix rises to challenge the dragon, as the anguished cries of the Volcai urges them on. Yet throughout the ages, as Dynasties rose and Dynasties fell, every feathered Emperor soon grows scales.