A True Sanctuary

For as long as humans have lived in Rathe, Aria has been a safe haven for all who call it home. The region's abundant resources and natural defenses have created an environment of peace and contentment, freed from the burdens of conflict and war.

The Flow

A wild, unpredictable force of nature, the Flow shapes the landscape around it as it ebbs and flows. It shapes all of Aria, folding mountains into valleys, sculpting rivers out of stone, and shifting forests from one location to another. In areas where it is particularly strong, the Flow manifests as streaks of light across the sky, a shining array of vibrant colour high above the earth. Everything in Aria, from soil to stone to living creature, is borne of the Flow, and when their time in this world is over, they shall return to the Flow once more.

The Flow has given life to some of the most remarkable scenery in all of Rathe. A great expanse of ice, frozen solid even in the heat of summer; deep, dense forests where steam rises from crystal-clear rivers; tiers of shining waterfalls, water pink as the first light of dawn; luminescent stone formations that glitter with the light of a thousand stars.


Ethereal creatures borne of magic, fading in and out of existence based on the ebb and wane of the Flow. While they appear sentient, Cesari are mirages, mere echoes of ancient beings that once called Aria home. They appear as iridescent, semi-translucent phantoms, shimmering as they ripple through the air. Cesari can range in size from small, floating wisps that drift along with the breeze, to massive, twin-tailed creatures the size of comets, leaving streaks of vibrant light in their wake.


Folktales Across Aria

Wishing Wells

Hidden around Aria, wishing wells are almost impossible to find, though many have tried. Those who come across a wishing well usually find it by accident, drawn to the well by some unknown force. When drinking the water within, a person can make a wish, though it may not always come true in the way they expect.


These rare trees are pale and delicate, their soft, thin branches drooping so low that their leaves brush against the earth. However, each of these trees possesses a single fruit, bright red and filled with seeds. The people of Aria commonly believe that these fruits can be used to communicate with the dead.

The Otherworld

Legend states that the oldest tree in every forest has a door hidden beneath its roots, leading to another realm. Those who enter through this door are often lost to the passage of time, emerging years later with no memory of what they saw on the other side.

Tempest Plain

The flatlands known as the Tempest Plain are plagued by perpetual thunderstorms, the earth permanently burned to a blackened crisp by sheets of lightning. Anything that dares to set foot in the Tempest Plain is immediately struck by a bolt of lightning, turning to dust in an instant.


According to legend, those who drink from the 'eternal spring' known as Fensalir will be healed of any injury or illness.

The Bleak Expanse

A frozen wasteland plagued by constant snowstorms, which remains all but impossible to navigate. Only one path exists through the Bleak Expanse, and any deviation will lead a person back to the point at which they started. The blinding snow and biting cold are devastatingly fatal for anyone who approaches the Expanse unprepared.

Crossing the Threshold

Occasionally, a wayward soul might find themselves transported to Aria, waking at the base of the Great Tree of Korshem. The Korshem acts a gateway, welcoming newcomers into Aria with open arms. It is said that the Flow may power the Korshem's ability to pull others through to Aria, attracting those who seek a better life, providing a place for them to start anew.

The Korshem

A village is built within the branches of the Korshem, a massive tree at the heart of Aria that shelters all who live amongst its leaves. The Flow is incredibly strong around the Korshem, breathing life into everything that grows nearby. With sunlight streaming through its leaves, casting light upon the many buildings clustered around the base of the Korshem, it is a truly magical sight.

Isen's Peak

A great mountain that has watched over Larinkmorth for generations. Despite the passing of time, it remains untouched by the passage of the Flow, as if exempt from the transformations that affect the rest of Aria. Larinkmorth's best-known liquor, Isenri Sake, is named in honour of the mountain, as its pale, icy blue colour mimics the gleaming snow of Isen's Peak.


A small town tucked into the mountainside, Larinkmorth is surrounded by a sea of perpetual snow, peaceful and tranquil amongst the sea of white. Its taverns are a source of warmth, a place to shelter from the freezing mountain air.