Kayo, Beserker Runt


On the outskirts of a vast jungle, where dense undergrowth gives way to the fiery, barren wastes, one brute marks his territory in blood and ash. Amid the cracked earth and sweltering heat, Kayo fights off savage lava beasts and swarms of massive insects, trading blow for blow in vicious battles to the death.

As a cub, Kayo was born small and slow; a death sentence within the jungles of the Savage Lands. In his struggle to survive, he wandered further and further to the east, trying in vain to escape the predators that stalked him through the trees. However, as time passed, instinct took over, bloodlust driving him to challenge beasts three times his size. What Kayo lacks in size and strength, he makes up for with sheer ferocity, tearing his prey apart piece by bloody piece.

In the badlands, Kayo fights for every inch of territory, staving off both savage jungle predators and virulent lava beasts. No matter the creature, no matter the battle, he throws himself into every fight without fear, driven by the will to survive. However, as unrest creeps across the land, he may soon find himself battling far stranger creatures than the ones he's faced before.

Knock Out!
Kayo is a dangerous little mongrel; a product of survival in the Savage Lands. All it takes is one big hit to land to lay an opponent out for the count. Brutes have some of the biggest hits in the game, so when Kayo's got his roll on, he's packing a KO punch!

Kayo, Armed and Dangerous

Kayo's journey has spiraled into a whirlwind of madness and brutal chaos. Each life-or-death confrontation has taken its toll, stripping away both flesh and bone, forging him into an wild, unrelenting beast.

Hunting a formidable creature in the Badlands, Kayo found himself on the brink of death after a fierce clash with the prized prey. The Deathmatch Arena, seizing the opportunity, took him captive. Now, from within the confinements of the arena's cages, Kayo has emerged-a crazed, savage force unleashed to challenge and test the mettle of the Arena's fighters.

In every deadly contest, Kayo exhibits the fierce tenacity of a bloodthirsty feral animal. Despite being repeatedly on the back foot, he rises from defeat, each setback fueling his crazed savagery and rendering him even more dangerous. Kayo has become the Underdog of the Arena, a fighter perpetually at a disadvantage, yet one who refuses to surrender, forever embracing the chaos and the brutal unpredictability of his existence.

Wounded, But Not Weakened
The Savage Lands are a brutal, inhospitable home, and Kayo is arriving at the Deathmatch Arena one arm lighter than the last time we saw him. However, the loss of something as inconsequential as an arm hasn't slowed down Kayo's savagery in the slightest-in fact, many of his attacks are stronger than they've ever been.
Keep It Rolling
Kayo may have some new tricks up his sleeve, but he remains as wild and unpredictable as ever. When his back is against the wall, he still trusts in his raw animal instincts and a potentially lucky roll of the dice.