For services unto the loyal citizens of this glorious land, our Mighty Emperor, the Dracai of Aesir, bestows upon you this relic of war. May you display it boldly as a symbol of your continued devotion to the royal bloodline of Volcor.

The arcane arts are the noblest of pursuits, steeped in wisdom more ancient than history itself. Although the fire mites of our Dracai are unquestionably superior, there exist other aetherial pathways that the inquisitive mind might explore. Take this exquisite piece, salvaged from a site both exotic and tragic. While scholars puzzle over what the unfortunate wizard was attempting to achieve, this relic certainly speaks to their talent, if not their common sense.

A formal endowment ceremony shall take place in the Imperial Palace on the eve of our esteemed Dragon Festival, where his Most Excellent Majesty shall entrust this relic to you in perpetuity.

Dracai of Ceremonies by will of the Emperor of Volcor