Bingo - (EVR156)

"Winner winner chicken dinner..." - Astier

Emeritus Scolding - (EVR125)

"I may look frail, but my mind will CRUSH you!" - Efaris Brittlebone

Firebreathing - (EVR157)

It's always show time at the spectacular, stupendous, sensational extravaganza that is the Everfest Carnival.

Healing Potion - (EVR183)

"Guaranteed to heal everything but a broken heart." - Jezabelle, Everfest Healer and Allsorts

High Striker - (EVR164)

Step right up, step right up!

Imposing Visage - (EVR022)

Before the Age of Man, the specter of war loomed over Rathe, as the great Aesirs roamed the land.

Macho Grande - (EVR027)

The "Strongest Man in Rathe" performance is always a mainstay and fan favorite, wherever the Everfest Carnival roams.

Outland Skirmish - (EVR066)

"Volcai, Dracai, it's all the same to me." - Kassai

Payload - (EVR076)

The latest in Teklo Industries armament. Guaranteed to leave a dent in your enemies... and your wallet!

Potion of Ironhide - (EVR186)

"Two drops with your hops. That'll see you right, if things get rowdy." - Jezabelle, Everfest Ringmaster and Allsorts

Potion of Luck - (EVR187)

"Remember to cross your fingers and tap your toes!" - Jezabelle, Everfest Wisewoman and Allsorts

Potion of Seeing - (EVR184)

"Don't like what you see? NO REFUNDS." - Jezabelle, Everfest Alchemist and Allsorts

Read the Glide Path - (EVR100)

Victory is oft found before the first shot is fired.

Runic Reclamation - (EVR104)

A morbid union; Viserai's hunger for revenge, and his Master's hunger for power.

Seismic Stir - (EVR030)

The Ollin stand guard over the land of Aria, and the land in turn shall answer their call.

Steadfast - (EVR033)

"Be it sword or sorcery, we defend, we defeat, or we die." - Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity

Swing Big - (EVR002)

Savage Lands politics is simple; those with the biggest swing, have the biggest sway.

Talisman of Warfare - (EVR193)

It's said that wherever the Dracai of War planted this talisman, the lava was soon to flow.

This Round's on Me - (EVR160)

"Cheers to the good times, with good friends." - Lexi

Wax On - (EVR050)

"Find lessons in every task you undertake.." - Master Morita, Art of the Hand

Wax On - (EVR051)

".. mastery of the Arts lie hidden within.." - Master Morita, Art of the Hand

Wax On - (EVR052)

".. for no task is too small to learn from." - Master Morita, Art of the Hand

Wild Ride - (EVR011)

Everyone who knows how to have a good time is welcome in Aria.