A Better Tomorrow

Metrix is always growing and changing, and through hundreds of years of innovation and evolution, there have been corporations and agencies that have contributed to the city that Metrix has become today. The Iron Assembly helps to keep order, while corporations such as Cogwerx and Teklo fund research and produce exciting new steam technology for the people of Metrix.

Iron Assembly

The Iron Assembly is a council formed from representatives of all the highest echelons of society, governing the city of Metrix. Teklo, Cogwerx and other corporations are represented, as are larger groups such as scientists, academic institutions, and mining corporations. The Iron Assembly ensures that the city remains both functional and profitable, enforcing laws with an iron fist.

Cogwerx Conglomerate

If any one group could be credited with the current state and success of Metrix, it would be Cogwerx. Responsible for the creation of steam technology, Cogwerx revolutionised the city, successfully finding a method of compressing steam for use as a source of energy.

Renewable, stable, and readily available, steam became the key source of fuel for almost every device in Metrix, powering the city toward a brighter future. Cogwerx produces reliable, steadfast steamtech devices that every citizen of Metrix can rely upon.

Teklo Industries

A newer addition to the steamtech industry, Teklo Industries have been praised for their imaginative, innovative approach to their products. Their research and development team is always experimenting with new and exciting materials, producing a revolving selection of innovative devices in sleek designs.


A corporation that maintains control of the media, funding almost every radio station and newspaper in the city. The rare outlier who refuses to fall under their control faces dire consequences, usually disappearing under mysterious circumstances.

The Foundry

An independent radio station, one of the few in Metrix that remains free of Mendacity control. Run by a single operator, known only as "Gambit", its broadcasts include music, gossip from around the city, comments on locals, and improvised speeches.