Shiyana, Diamond Gemini


Where there is light, there is shadow. Amongst the people of Solana, a rumour lingers, whispered behind closed doors; tales of those who blend into the crowd, hiding in plain sight, working day and night to preserve the peace.

Shiyana was born to two chancellors, raised with an intimate knowledge of the Light. For countless generations, her bloodline has served Solana in the Light of Sol, guarding their beloved city through centuries of war. Yet, when the time for her Awakening arrived, Shiyana was chosen for a slightly different role.

As a diplomat of Solana, Shiyana is charismatic and eloquent, ensuring that all who pass through the city gates are welcomed with grace and courtesy. Yet even as she greets visitors with a smile, her shrewd gaze analyses all who pass before her. Shiyana carefully draws out the truth from her honored guests, unravelling secrets with a delicate hand.

When dusk falls, and the sun sets on the city of Solana, Shiyana slips into the shadows. A master of disguise, she can conceal herself with a wave of her hand, seeking the information she needs to foil Solana's enemies. Some might not see her at all, while others may glimpse somebody else, a trick of the light revealing a different face to their tired eyes.

While peace may reign within Solana, something has disturbed the waters, casting ripples across Rathe. Even in a time of peace, they must remain vigilant, listening for any whispers of disquiet. As rumours begin to reach the people of Solana, Shiyana must keep a close eye on her beloved city, disguising her presence as she works to expose this unknown threat.

A Familiar Face
Shiyana is a master of diplomacy, a welcomed guest of the royal courts and power brokers of Rathe. Wherever she travels, keys turn, doors open, and secrets slip, as one would expect for a familiar face. Shiyana's power only increases as her reach spreads across Rathe. Shiyana is designed primarily for Ultimate Pit Fight (multi-player), where she can wield her influence and politics far and wide.