Steeped in Tradition

Behind a veil of mist lies a hidden world, concealed amongst the mountain ranges of Misteria. Vibrant trees rise from the steep cliffs, birds soaring through the canyons, silver fish weaving through the rivers far below. The sun streams through the clouds, illuminating the rooftops of buildings shrouded by mist.

Carved into the rock and hanging from thick vines, the villages of Misteria are home to a people as steadfast and mysterious as the mountain ranges they call home. From birth, they learn to traverse the steep landscape, relying on their own strength and agility to travel from one building to another. Hanging gardens are suspended between the cliffs, a burst of green against the backdrop of stone and rock. Even the largest villages are home to close-knit communities, founded long ago by the Great Houses of Misteria.

Yet the veil of mist hides a wealth of secrets, far beyond those of the villages tucked into the mountainside. Grandmasters roam the land, equal parts mystery and legend, gifting their time and wisdom to those determined enough to seek them out. Secret organisations work behind the scenes, ensuring the safety of their people, while long-forgotten clans hide from those that would see them extinguished.

The world beyond the mountains holds little interest to the people of Misteria, who prefer to lead simple lives in the company of their fellow villagers. Removed from the struggles and petty conflicts of the outside world, they find satisfaction in introspection and self-discipline, training rigorously to strengthen their bodies and sharpen their minds.

Despite the difficulties of living in such a place, Misterians would argue that the beauty and tranquillity of their home more than makes up for any inconvenience. Their hard work and dedication are rewarded with the experience of living in one of the most beautiful environments in all of Rathe.