Fire in their Veins

Every wizard in Volcor is a descendant of the first emperor, drawing power from their ancestral bloodline. They fulfill a variety of roles, both inside and outside of the royal court; from military positions to entertainment, political aides and ambassadorial work, bringing wayward generals into line and maintaining the hierarchy of power in Volcor. Due to their inherent power, they are closely watched, as the Emperor works to maintain his sway over the court.

Unlike the scholars of Solana, who draw upon knowledge for their arcane power, for the wizards of Volcor, the ability to cast fire is innate. Their arcane gifts usually manifest in childhood, and training begins the moment that their aether affinity is revealed.


Practice makes perfect. Young wizards are taught the extent of their skills, casting spell after spell to learn their strengths and weaknesses in the realm of aether. The imperial tutors ensure that the most powerful students are singled out and given extra training, working to hone their latent abilities. Once they reach adulthood, young wizards take part in a trial, designed to determine their abilities, with the outcome deciding their place within the royal court.


In the royal court, there is safety in numbers, and having a more powerful ally on your side can mean the difference between life and death. Some, such as the Alshoni, are factions founded by a particular branch of the Royal Bloodline, a clan brought together by blood ties. Others are founded on their shared specialisations in the arcane, or to establish their loyalty to the Emperor.

Any wizard who wants to survive within the royal court must join a faction. The tides of politics are violent and unpredictable, and it takes little for the court to turn on one of its own. A faction ensures safety in numbers, influence and power within the court, and the ability to fight back against the machinations of others. Any wizard who remains unaffiliated will quickly find themselves at the mercy of the court, with no one to save them from their own demise.

Military Prowess

The people of Volcor are constantly at war. Generals head into battle against one another, fighting in a constant push and pull of power and supremacy. Territory disputes, political moves, loyalties and ties to the Royal Family; no matter the reason, generals are unrelenting in their quest for power, and so the battlefields are always bathed in blood.

The soldiers of Volcor's armies are overseen by lieutenants and regional strategists, working to enact the will of their General, while more covert operatives such as spies and assassins work to take down the enemy from the inside.

However, none are more powerful than the forces of the royal court. While their grand strategists and lord generals are among the most powerful in all Volcor, they pale in comparison to the arcane might of the court wizards, who are only ever one order away from unleashing a firestorm on enemies of the Emperor.

A Life of Servitude

Not everyone can be born into a position of safety and power. Those born outside of the royal bloodline, and who do not have the connections necessary for a military position, are resigned to the very bottom of Volcor's hierarchy. At best, one might become a servant of the royal court, sweeping and cleaning and cooking for those of a higher station. At worst, they are condemned to slavery, little more than chattel for their generals to use as they please. While some resign themselves to a life of slavery, others prefer to risk starvation and death, rather than serve their callous tyrants.


Some refuse to accept the life assigned to them, preferring the freedom of choice over their own safety. The nomads of Volcor form rag-tag clans, hiding amongst the rock formations furthest from Mount Volcor. They have adapted to the tough conditions, combining thin, hardened armour with loose linens to stave off the heat. They often scavenge forgotten battlefields, looking for any salvageable weapons and armour while avoiding the watchful gaze of the generals.