Vynnset, Iron Maiden

She will not bend. She will not break. Vynnset is the Iron Maiden.

Anointed in Shadow, Vynnset sees everything under the sheen of the black moon. Within the Demonastery's ritual chambers, she paints her runes in Solanian blood, intoning their dark portents in the language of the beyond.

Born in the Light, her heart wrapped in Shadow, Vynnset remembers what the faithful inflicted upon her in the name of Sol. Most of all, she remembers the loneliness of being a solitary shade in the blazing dawn.

Vynnset carries the pain of persecution in her sinews and in her bones. Yet hers is an immaculate agony that has steeled her mind and tempered her spirit. From the valley of sorrow, she summons the minions of Nasreth, the Soul Harrower, and sends them to plow Solana's fields with death and destruction.

The Iron Maiden has transformed suffering into devotion. She has sacrificed so much, given sight and service to the Shadow. Now, it is others she will sacrifice, and through their suffering, Vynnset will know freedom

Rune Gate
Just beyond the dimenxxional rift lie twisted nightmares beyond comprehension. Assemble enough Runechants to open the gate, and allow the horrors within to spill forth and consume your enemies.
Disciple of Pain
Reward doesn't come without sacrifice. Vynnset harnesses her suffering and uses it to fuel her deathly ambitions. Offer up shreds of your own life to Nasreth in order to gain access to forbidden abilities.
Sword and Sorcery
Vynnset is a hybrid fighter, wielding both magic and melee in the palm of her scarred hand. Runeblades can attack from multiple angles, preying on the opponent's vulnerabilities with split damage types.