Realm of the Forbidden

Hidden within the shadows, seemingly lost to the sands of time, the Demonastery has been all but forgotten by the people of Rathe. A large, imposing mansion, it towers above the barren landscape, looming amidst heavy fog like a vengeful apparition. Its darkened grounds are cast in shades of black and violet, illuminated only by phantom flames dancing within small wire lanterns.

This edifice has long since freed itself from the shackles of the morality imposed by lesser men. Scientists, researchers and spellcasters alike are drawn to it, lured by the promise of research without restrictions. It is a protection from the persecution of lesser, unenlightened scholars, who remain ignorant as to the means of gaining true wisdom. The residents here are secretive and unscrupulous, dedicating themselves to their fields of study with a frighteningly single-minded fervour.

In the Demonastery, the immoral and taboo are no limit to human ingenuity. Forbidden magics, occult studies, and heinous experiments are all welcome within its dimly-lit halls, where the endless pursuit of knowledge is the only matter of any consequence.