Part the Mistveil Spoilers

Welcome traveller.

You walk the same path as your ancestors, yet I sense you are wandering without purpose.

Heed our tales of old, for a single thread of wisdom can intertwine past, present, and future.

Remember, even the smallest droplet can transcend into the greatest wave.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

Prologue: 10,000 Years

"Shed the limitations of mind, body, and soul. Become one with all things, ebbing, flowing." - Unknown

Chapter 1: The Snake

"With each velvet touch, and whispered smile, the tapestry of fate weaves an epic of woe and anguish." - Nuu

Chapter 2: The Tiger

"Two paths beckon: one, disciplined under the seething sun; the other, unleashed fury, a beast unchained." - Zen

Chapter 3: The Moon

"As my memories start to fade, the moonlight carries me home. To a place where sky meets water, where the cycle begins anew." - Enigma