Arena Announcements


Gather 'round as we unveil a true colossus of the Arena
Born a beggar on these streets, he built this Arena into his home
Wielding a blade seasoned by hundreds of battles, he's the undisputed Deathmatch champion! Littering the ground with those foolish enough to challenge his title...
Prepare yourselves for a spectacle of excellence, Olympia, the Prized Fighter!


She's the unmovable juggernaut of the ring, and our head-smashing spectacle
Unfazed by wealth or glory, watch as she dances through the chaos, spending her winnings on wild bets and the finest booze
She thrives in the Deathmatch Arena, knowing victory is her everlasting companion...
She's got skin in the game, it's Betsy!


Deathmatch fans, you can't imagine how hard it was to get this beast here tonight
You've never witnessed brutality like this before, and you may not even want to...
With killer instincts and intimidating power, get ready for a wild ride
The hunt is on, and only the strong survive!
Rhinar, the Reckless Rampage, is here to dominate!


Brace yourselves for a living nightmare
From the depths of the Savage Lands - captured, mangled, and now reborn in the Arena
Please, stay away from the edges of the arena
This monster's bloodlust knows no bounds
The very essence of savagery, he may be wounded, but he's armed...and dangerous, Kayo!


Witness a guardian of grand virtue, draped in the blinding light of Solana
With fistfuls of wealth and an ego, even bigger than his pockets, we are so lucky he has chosen to grace us with his presence
Will his virtues illuminate his path to victory?
Behold, the Golden Son, Victor Goldmane!


A crimson storm rises from the sands, not just a fighter, but a terror!
With a mind as sharp as her sabres, she paints the arena in blood
Quick, lethal, and utterly merciless, she's just here to collect her coin
With a purpose known only to the gods, "The Terror of the Golden Sand" Kassai!