Aether Ironweave

Forbidden knowledge is simply information, a truth too harsh for weaker minds to comprehend. Knowledge is not bad or good, it simply is. This untapped potential can allow you to harness the very fabric of this world, and draw upon a power greater than your own.


Blasmophet, the Soul Harvester

The Harvester's domain is a sea of gluttonous waste; consumption incarnate, a hunger for power only sated by devouring the bodies of friend and foe alike.


Deep Rooted Evil

The realm of íArathael is ancient, timeless, once filled with wonders beyond mortal comprehension, yet as an undue influence seeps through the Tear, the very fabric of this realm is becoming distorted; corrupted by malice and blight.



When the throne stands empty, the mortal realm shall fall before the Harvester's bloodlust. After millennia trapped within a visceral wasteland, Blasmophet has been unleashed upon the world of Rathe.



Beneath a plume of ashen mist, upon a carpet of rotting carcasses, the Reaper awaits. Summoned from beyond the veil, Ursur's silhouette has cast a shadow over Rathe.


Frontline Scout

Hiding amidst the carnage, a sole witness watches in horror as the writhing beast rises from the remains of an army, silhouetted against a blood-drenched sky. One lonely scout remains, fervently searching for a way to emerge from the battlescape with her life intact.


Galaxxi Black

Forged from the darkness of the deepest night, this blade is as cold as ice, a chill which seeps into your very bones. The meteoric iron seems as though it should be heavy, but it is light in your hands, moving fluidly as the segments of blade separate and form a chain whip, feeling as though you've wielded it all your life.


Impenetrable Belief

When disaster is on your doorstep, you must keep faith that you are able to turn it aside. That is the difference between those who fall and that who stay standing. Solana shall persevere!


Memorial Ground

In honour of those who fought for the Light, and fell in the battle against the Shadow; their names shall always be remembered.


Ray of Hope

Those who remain faithful to Sol's radiance know the true strength of the Light; blessed with a Ray of Hope against the inexorable tide of the darkness. Rejuvenate your soul, and let your faith blaze through the Shadow.


Seek Enlightenment

For generations, the Vidalis bloodline has resided in the Northern Realms, passing down tales of their origins in the golden city. Boltyn now walks the path of illumination, following in the footsteps of his ancestors, and building a new legacy for his family.


Shadow Puppetry

The Old Ones are as impersonal and inhuman as nature itself. Some are more gentle by nature, their presence a mere ripple on the fate of humanity; others are drawn to the fleeting nature of human life, meddling in the affairs of mankind without reserve.


Soul Shackle

Power does not come without a cost. For every 'blessing' offered by the Shadows, there is a debt which must be paid in blood; a high price which weighs heavily upon the soul. Ursur's covenant is binding, a shackle which pulls tighter and tighter until you can barely move. The more power you use, the more you will suffer for it. Be careful, lest you end up with a blood debt you cannot repay.


Surging Militia

The villagers of the golden fields prove that you don't have to be a knight of Solana to have the strength to defend your land.


Tome of Divinity

Knowledge is power. May your devotion to Sol guide you in your quest to end this blight, and reveal the solution you seek within the pages of this illustrious tome.


Tome of Torment

You would be wise not to leave this book unattended for too long, for this is not the kind of tome to gather dust... The Tome of Torment will haunt your nightmares for years to come, rising from the shadows no matter how many times you might try to banish it from your memory. Find a way to harness its power, and you may just be spared from its curse.


Ursur, the Soul Reaper

Amidst the impenetrable darkness, the Reaper radiated a faint, rippling light, like the bright afterimage which accompanies a wildfire; the wisp of smoke which rises from an extinguished flame.

Ursur reaps the souls of the living and the dead, harnessing their raw energy to fuel its incessant assault.