Maxx 'The Hype' Nitro

You want to create a scene? Blow some corporate shit up? Maxx Nitro, at your service. I'm known on the streets as a 'specialist'. Slick-as smash and grab, the odd high-octane heist. The other day, me and the crew reverse engineered an EnfoMech and busted up a Cogwerx boiler monopoly. Booyah! Tallics for your Tinker Tea. Keep this on the down-low though. They're listening. Always listening.

If this kind of thing makes you edgy, there's the door. Got no time for second guesses and even less for tattletales. The bloody corps and their systems are what's wrong with this city. Chokepoints. Strangleholds. Us anarchists: we're kicking holes in their corruption. Steam or tek, I don't care. We'll break anything they own into tiny pieces and watch the pretty confetti fall.

Drive the Hype
Maxx knows how to build momentum with the unlimited power of Hyper Drivers! Every time you step on the gas, propel yourself even further with resource-generating engines that will fuel your fight against the suits. Keep the Hype flowing from turn to turn as you tick over to breakneck speed and reach Maximum Velocity!
If tech wasn't made to be tinkered with, why is it so tantalizingly tinkerable? Crank your items to gain action points, harnessing their abilities without having to slam on the brakes. Maxx's signature wrench, Banksy, will keep the screws tight on a variety of gadgets and gizmos to ensure your escapades go off without a hitch!