Viserai, Rune Blood

Viserai is the first of his kind; an Arknight, gifted with both arcane power and physical prowess. Forced to serve the will of the master, he has long since forgotten his past, and the person that he once was. Wielding blade and aether alike, he is the perfect weapon.

As his creator searches for a way to bind Viserai to his will, the secrets of the Demonastery threaten to spill forth, as the ancient powers within stir once more. Viserai must find a way to break free before it is too late...

The Arknight
From decorated warrior of Volcor, to washed up carcass on the shores of the Demonastery. Lord Sutcliffe had at last found a vassal with enough strength to bear the agonizing procedure he sought to prove possible. Opening the chest cavity, he replaced viscera with an Arknight Shard, carved channels in bone to feed the arcane energy into runic vents etched into skin, and the first Arknight was born.
Sword & Sorcery
The Runeblade is a hybrid fighter, the only true class able to wield equal parts magic and might. Split damage types allows a Runeblade to attack from multiple angles, preying on whatever vulnerabilities the enemy may have.
Rune Master
Arcane energy flows through Viserai from the Arknight Shard inserted in his chest, which he uses to manifest an army of Runechant auras around him. They wait poised for the strike of their commanders blade, to unleash piercing arcane pain on the target.