Prism, Awakener of Sol

War rages on between the Shadow and the Light.

Solana's fields are no longer golden. Where pastures and villages once bathed in the sun, only ravaged earth and scorched skeletons remain. Solana faces the Demonastery's vengeance with neither advantage nor known ally, and with nowhere to run.

Tended to by the Demonastery's favored daughters, Levia and Vynnset, the Dimenxxional Gate pours forth a dark tide of monstrosity. Pacts sealed in blood and soul with Embra of unspeakable ambition have galvanized the servants of the Shadow, and íArathael's most demiurgic climes continue to exude a horde like no other.

And still, Sol's most faithful fight on. Shiyana seeks out the enemy's foulest secrets while Prism scours the city's archives for words of power and hope. Dorinthea and Boltyn lead the Hand of Sol in Solana's defense, saving those who can be saved, and avenging those who cannot.

Yet with each grim day, the graveyards swell under a darkening sky. Each fearful sunset, the people of Solana hold out for a dawn they may never see in the endless dusk.