No Pain No Gain

He gazed up at the Iron Maiden in all her dark glory, feeling his insides curdle. The dark steel of her outer husk glinted evilly with reflections of fire and blood that decorated the battlescape. Swallowing his terror, Dheric, son of Darian, grandson of Daxius, gripped his family's sword and charged at the motionless Runeblade.

A sharp pang burned all the way up from his stomach to his chest, and glancing down, he realised what a fool he had been. A wicked barbed hook had snagged his gut, its clinking chain connected to Vynnset's shell. With the sound of scraping metal he was reeled in like a helpless fish, until he was pinned to the Iron Maiden's carapace. It was then, that he got a proper glimpse at her gaunt face. Marred and pale, grim lips fixed in stone cold disposition.

Shuddering with pain, Dheric tried to break loose, but it was for nought. His eyes widened as the air began to crackle with arcane energy. Several intricate violet symbols consisting of pure energy phased into existence, hovering patiently at the beck and call of their master. Vynnset whispered some foul utterance under her breath, as the Runechants slowly homed in, singeing both of their flesh. Dheric howled in agony, yet Vynnset didn't even flinch as the dark magic ate away at their skin. A cruel grin slowly crept across her cracked lips as she watched the man sizzle. Suddenly, the bloodline of Daxius was no more than a puddle of ash and ichor.

"Pity." Vynnset croaked. "I thought you'd last longer."