Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity

Oldhim is a mighty Shieldbearer of the Ollin; powerful defenders that stood alongside the Ancients against the Old Ones since the dawn of time.

At the end of the Third Age, amidst one of the most heated of battles, an unknown calamity struck the land of Rathe. Oldhim and his brothers and sisters in arms were spared, frozen within the ice of the Ancients. They remained this way for thousands of years, even as the Old Ones and the Ancients faded into obscurity, and the world around them changed.

Now, Oldhim must venture into an unfamiliar Aria in search of his old allies, and a way to release his people from their deep slumber within Isenloft. For it's clear to him that his reawakening is just a sign of what is to come; he can feel it within his tired old bones, that soon the Old Ones will rise once again.

Shield Up
Oldhim has stood the test of time, as old as the Eternity itself. He has endured many a grim battle with the aide of his legendary shield, Stalagmite, Bastion of Isenloft.
Essence of Ice
In ice's merciless grip, time stands still, history preserved. Oldhim channel's the essence of Ice to slow the pace of battle, sapping the enemies resources over time, for Oldhim is well equipped to fight a battle that lasts an eternity.
Essence of Earth
Endure. The mightiest sequoia towers over the forest because it endured. Oldhim channels the essence of Earth to stand tall and stand the test of time.