A Sprawling Metropolis

The city of Metrix was built in layers, beginning with the areas now known as Old Metrix and the Sprawl. As the city has expanded and advanced, it has built upwards, constructing ever-higher districts that tower over the Sprawl far below. Currently, the highest section of the city is the Expanse, its tall buildings leaving some sectors of the West Rise in permanent shade.

East Rise

In a bustling city filled with people, the East Rise is a welcome breath of fresh air. Only a few residential areas can be found within the East Rise, as the majority of the sector is devoted to parks and entertainment complexes.

West Rise

Known for its suburban neighbourhoods and corporate offices, the West Rise is populated by middle-class families and emerging scientists alike. High above the turmoil and chaos of the lower levels, it is a popular choice for established laboratories and research centres, with most of Metrix's companies choosing to station their research and development teams in the district.

The Expanse

The Expanse is the richest and highest level of Metrix. All of the greatest minds have earned their right to live here, through their many accomplishments and contributions to the city. All of the great laboratories and institutions of education are located here, and no matter the hour, the residents of the Expanse can be found within, pursuing their next great discovery.


Located in the south of Metrix, Coppertown is home to working-class citizens, from laborers to factory workers, foremen to couriers. Nestled in between the city's massive strip mines, Coppertown boasts a large population of miners, and the standard of living is far better there than anywhere else on the first level.


Coppertown's entertainment district, the southern portion of Coppertown is infamous for its brothels, casinos and seedy taverns. Lowlake's namesake, a small lake in the centre of the district, has become rank and foul with runoff chemicals, leaving the majority of Lowlake's workers ill from the toxic fumes.

The Sprawl

The largest and lowest level of Metrix, the buildings of the Sprawl stand on solid ground, overshadowed by the city above. The Sprawl's population is predominantly immigrants and paupers, those who struggle to find work and make ends meet. The Sprawl is ignored by the rest of Metrix, and as a result, has developed a culture and identity unique to the district.


Midtown Markets

A place where anything and everything can be found for the right price. Nestled in the remains of a worn-out strip mine in the centre of the city, the Midtown Markets are notorious not only for its wares, but for the amount of crime that takes place in the area. The Iron Assembly has stationed a permanent brigade of officers in the area, in an attempt to control the market's more nefarious locals. Many of the merchants remain at odds with the brigade, arguing that their presence deters the presence of some of their more wealthy clientele.

Zinnia Park

One of the stranger attractions in Metrix, the mechanical creatures of Zinnia Park are rumoured to have been made by a rich scientist with an unusual hobby. According to urban legend, she died unexpectedly after purchasing a plot of land, leaving behind instructions for her assistant to set up what is now known as Zinnia Park. Nobody knows who runs or maintains the park, as the Iron Assembly denies having anything to do with the park's continued existence.

The Needle

The headquarters of Teklo Industries, the Needle is a marvel of engineering, an incredibly tall ivory tower that stretches high above the city of Metrix. The construction process behind building the Needle remains a closely-guarded secret.

Gigadrill Elevator

Hovering over Pit 3, the largest active mining pit in Metrix, the Gigadrill Elevator transforms helium into plasma, which then falls down into Pit 3. The ball of plasma detonates when it reaches the bottom, destroying the thick bedrock beneath and making the pit deeper. Elevators run along the side of the structure, extending down into Pit 3, allowing miners and workers access to the different mining levels.

Terracette Path Academy

Named for one of the founders of Metrix, the Academy provides education to anyone who can afford its steep tuition. Anyone who graduates from the Academy is almost guaranteed success within their field, and a future within the scientific community of Metrix.