To Be A Solanian

The people of Solana honour Sol in every aspect of their lives. From the young to the old, scholars to farmers, from those who live within its walls to those who live beyond; all rejoice under the infinite wisdom and glory of Sol.

Solanians take great pride in upholding Sol's will, believing that they are Sol's divine emissaries. Each Solanian must act with courage and honour, as they are living embodiments of Sol. Carrying the glory of Sol within their hearts, they seek to spread the teachings of the light to the rest of humanity, and welcome any who seek out the blessing of Sol.

All who fully embrace Sol's light are welcomed by the people of Solanaas one of their own. Those still on the path to illumination are instead given a place among Solana's outer villages.

These settlements, as well as any community that would embrace Sol's divine light are granted protection by the power of Solana.