AmpitheatreSolanaIn the city proper, a space for ceremonies, public events and proclamationsA Radiant City
AnkomeidoThe PitsHome to the misfits and malcontents of MisteriaUzuri Origin Story
AshvahanVolcorCapital of VolcorIyslander Origin Story
AskraweldMelody Sing-along
AudraSolanaVillageMorlock Hill
Aui's Scale StrongholdsMisteriaLocations where things are concealed from the publicKatsu Origin Story
Barthimont ManorSolanaIn the Northern RealmsLevia Origin Story
Barton's HouseThe PitsInformation DealerThe Jaws of Death
BeaconMetrixTales of a Teklo
Blackjack's TavernThe PitsBounty Hunting Hub, Owned by Greenbird, "Neutral Ground"Blackjack's Mercenary Group, The Jaws of Death
Blackrock QuarriesVolcorIn the north of VolcorVow of Vigilence
Blasphomet's DomainDemonasterySeparate planeLevia Origin Story
Blockhead TerritoryThe PitsAn entire sector of The MawThe Maw
Bravo's LegendariumAriaPart of the Everfest CarnivalBravo Origin Story
CandleholdAriaThe Land of Legends
Centennial ConsumablesMetrixTales of a Teklo
Ceremionial ChamberSolanaIn the city proper, location of the Awakening ceremonyDorinthea Origin Story
Chamber of the DragonVolcorTo Become a Dracai
Charred RangeMountains separating Solana and VolcorBrevant, Civic Protector
Chrome CavernsUnknownThe desert's edgeDust from the Chrome Caverns
Cogwerx ConglomerateMetrixA Better Tomorrow
CoppertownMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
CourtyardDemonasteryEnter here when using invitationLevia Origin Story
Death's KnellUnknownThe OceanEye of Ophidia, Levia's Origin Story
DemonasteryDemonasteryMansion, residents have specifc rooms, it moves, accessible by invitationDemonastery
Dragon's PeakVolcorVow of Vigilence
East RiseMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
Eighth PrecinctMetrixEnforcer station, down the street from the Iron HallSynthetic Futures
EnionAriaArmory of the ancients and training ground of championsLexi Origin Story
Entrance HallDemonasteryLocation of the portal to íArathael, Whisper the stained glass windowViserai Origin Story
FardreyasSolanaVillageMorlock Hill
Forward CampsThe Savage LandsMerchants, traders, adventures, mercenariesLegends and Fools
Fractal ScarAriaBattle of Fractal ScarBravo Origin Story
Freakshow TerritoryThe PitsDeep in the Pits, composed of abandoned mineshaftsThe Maw
Gigadril ElevatorMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
Gigadrill ElevatorMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
Golden ChariotSolanaIn the city proper, inn, owned by MinervaDorinthea Origin Story
Gorge of a Thousand WindsMisteriaSame as Mugenshi Gorge?Data Doll Introduces: Crucible of War
Griefers ReefOceanRiptide Origin Story
HazeltownSolanaVillageMorlock Hill
Imperial FurnaceVolcorInvoke Tomeltai
Imperial PalaceVolcorThe Royal Court
Iron AssemblyMetrixA Better Tomorrow
Iron HallMetrixThe seat of power for Metrix's municipal governmentSynthetic Futures
Ironsong ForgeSolanaIn the city properDorinthea Origin Story
Isen's PeakAriaA True Sactuary
IsenloftAriaThe Land of Legends
Jawbreaker TerritoryThe PitsNo official territory with the exception of some houses on the waterThe Maw
KrakenOceanRiptide Origin Story
Kyloria's LairThe PitsDeep beneath the PitsInvoke Kyloria
Lake FrigidAriaChannel Lake Frigid
LarinkmorthAriaA True Sactuary
Library of IlluminationSolanaIn the city proper, a public library, cared for by the members of the Light of SolA Radiant City
LowlakeMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
Midtown MarketsMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
Mistcloak GullyMisteriaKatsu Origin Story
Morlock HillSolanaBattle of Morlock HillMorlock Hill
Mount HeroicAriaChannel Mount Heroic
Mt. IsenAriaPulse of Isenloft Spoiler Tile
Mt. VolcorVolcorThe Royal Court
Mugenshi GorgeMisteriaKatsu Origin Story
Mugenshi VillageMisteriaHidden, lead by Katsu, in the Mugenshi GorgeKatsu Origin Story
Numbskull TerritoryThe PitsCave network lined with skulls, resembles a catacombThe Maw
OctogriaSolanaThe gardens ofFalling in Darkness
Old MetrixMetrixTales of a Teklo
Overseer Crichton's MansionThe PitsSituated in The MawUzuri Origin Story
Pit 3MetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
Plumvex Pipes factoryMetrixThe Dynamic Man
Red DesertVolcorDust from the Red Desert
Rhinar's TerritoryThe Savage LandsVoid of other brutesRhinar Origin Story
Rosario HillsMetrixOrphanage parent companyDash, I/O,System Failure
Rosario OrphanageMetrixSystem Failure
Rust BeltMetrixInvoke Cromai
SandakaiVolcorInvoke Azvolai
SeetheThe PitsA riverRiptide Origin Story, Uzuri, Switchblade
Seetheside DocksThe PitsRiptide About Page
Shuntswitch Railway StationThe PitsArakni Origin Story
SignarusSolanaA Radiant City
SkeinThe PitsArakni Origin Story
Skylark PeakMisteriaVisit the Floating Dojo
Sori 16The PitsLocation of The Leaf HouseUzuri Origin Story
SouthmawThe PitsA hospital/asylum in the Pits
SunvaleSolanaVillageMorlock Hill
Tarnish HillRhinar short story
Teklo IndustriesMetrixA Better Tomorrow
Tempest StraitsOceanRiptide Origin Story
Terrecette AcademyMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
The Ash PlainsVolcorSweeping Blow
The BadlandsVolcorBorders the Savage LandsKayo Origin Story
The BeyondDemonasterySeparate realmGaze the Ages spoiler tile
The Bleake ExpanseAriaIyslander Origin Story
The Broken Chariot TavernUnknownGambler's Gloves Spoiler Tile
The DropThe PitsA bar owned by UzuriThe Spider's Trap
The Everfest CarnivalAriaPeople of Aria
The FoundryMetrixA Better Tomorrow
The Golden FieldsSolanaBeyond the outer walls are grand golden fields, numerous villages and towns under the protection and guidance of SolanaThe Golden City
The Golden GnomeAriaPart of the Everfest CarnivalKnick Knack Bric-a-Brac Spoiler Tile
The Golden Orchard EstateVolcorDromai Origin Story
The Great GatesSolanaThese eight paths lead through the city to the SolariumThe Golden City
The KorshemAriaA True Sactuary
The Leaf HouseThe PitsRestaurant ran by JemjangUzuri Origin Story
The MaelaAriaPart of the Everfest Carnival, fortune tellers, seers, oracles, enchantresses, and conjurersPeople of Aria
The MawThe PitsEntrance to the pits, traveled by mine cageThe Maw, The Jaws of Death, Kavdaen Origin Story
The NeedleMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
The Northern RealmsSolanaRegion of SolanaBoltyn Origin Story
The OasisVolcorWater from Misteria, lava from Mt. VolcorDromai Origin Story
The Obsidian CoastVolcorVow of Vigilence
The PlazasSolanaConnect the outer city sectors, a space to gather and hear newsThe Golden City
The RegistryMetrixInformation CenterTales of a Teklo
The Shadow CryptsDemonasteryDust from the Shadow Crypts
The SilvarisSolanaA series of beautiful public gardens surrounding the inner sanctum of SolanaA Radiant City
The SolariumSolanaThe inner sanctum, home to the Light of SolA Radiant City
The SprawlMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
The ValdurAriaPart of the Everfest Carnival, known for strongmen acts and work with animalsPeople of Aria
The VenariumDemonasteryRoom filled with plantsLevia Origin Story
The Vitiate GatewayDemonasteryLast of 9 portals connecting Rathe to íArathaelMorlock Hill
ThistlefoldRhinar short story
Thunder SteppeAriaChannel Thunder Steppe
Torched TerritoryThe PitsMarked with trigger-sensitive flamethrowers, fire traps, lava pits, and plenty of explosivesThe Maw
Underdog CafeMetrixIn CoppertownSynthetic Futures
VolthavenAriaThe Land of Legends
Voxx PressMetrixA Better Tomorrow
West RangesRhinar short story
West RiseMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
Yvor's PeakAriaStatue of Yvor located here, doorway to an armoryA Grand Adventure
ZancaroVolcorAsh Spoiler Tile, Storm of Sandikai Spoiler Tile
Zesca'sMetrixTales of a Teklo
Zinnia ParkMetrixA Sprawling Metropolis
íArathaelDemonasterySeparate plane, accessed via a portal in the Demonastery, home of the Old OnesThe Gateway to íArathael