Tides of Change

Great barriers and magical landmarks once protected Aria from the outside world, hiding its existence from the rest of Rathe. However, after many centuries, these barriers have begun to wane, and the ancient magics that once concealed Aria's existence from the rest of the world are failing. More and more outsiders are entering Aria in an attempt to steal from its people, weakening the land in the process.

These outlanders are clashing with the people of Aria, as they seek to strip the land of all that makes it magical. They attack anyone who dares to challenge them, taking whatever they please without a hint of remorse. Defenders and guardians have risen once more to challenge the outlanders and protect Aria from those who would harm it.

Yet even as trespassers threaten Aria's borders, the Flow has become increasingly unstable, changing and transforming the land faster than ever before. The paths between villages are all but lost, with even the most dedicated wayfarers struggling to mark the rapid changes of the Flow. Some of the longest-standing landmarks in Aria, great mountains and magical formations that have persisted through centuries of constant change, have since been lost, pulled into the Flow's rapid transformation.

Legend of the Exalted One

Long ago, the world of Rathe was cast in darkness, and its people cried out in fear. No plant could grow, no creature could see, and all was silent and still. And so, the Exalted One, great creator of Life, gave light to the world, plucking two stars from distant skies. One star became the sun and was placed within a chariot of radiant gold. The other became the moon and was placed within a chariot of shining silver. However, all was not yet complete.

The Exalted One gave life to two new beings, a pair of divine beings known as Badr and Asra. Bright, lively Badr was given the golden chariot, and two swift steeds of vibrant flame. Quiet, thoughtful Asra was given the silver chariot, and two gentle steeds of pale frost. At once, the twins took to the sky. The light of golden Badr brought day to the children of Rathe, a time of life and of creation. The light of silver Asra brought night, the time to rest and to recharge. Thus, the people of Rathe flourished beneath the light of the stars, and the twins have proudly fulfilled their duty ever since.

Legend of the Guardians

Long ago, when the land of Aria was surrounded by war and strife, its people were protected by the Guardians. The Guardians were blessed with a connection to an elemental, gifting them with extraordinary abilities. Through years of training, they learned to hone their abilities and transform into incredible warriors, blessed with supernatural strength and elemental skills. The Flow shaped them, moulding them into the perfect protector, tasked with guarding their people and their home.

However, as Aria entered an era of peace, and the elementals began to fade away, the ancient tradition of the Guardians disappeared along with them. Now, as their barrier between Aria and the rest of the world begins to fade, the Guardians are re-emerging, tasked with guarding Aria once more.