Bait and Switch

Uzuri wiped the blood from her face and grinned at the common gang thug standing before her in the alleyway.

The poor fool had his fists raised, ready to deliver another punch, but her gleeful reaction to the first blow caused him to falter, eyes darting wildly.

"You don't know who I am, do you?" she spoke calmly, tilting her head to loosen the joints in her neck.

Realizing he might have bitten off more than he could chew, the thug took a step back, sweat pouring down his mucky brow like sewage from a wastewater pipe. Uzuri reciprocated by closing the space between them, her eyes twinkling with cruel delight.

The thug panicked and swung at her with a flimsy left hook. Uzuri ducked out of reach and grabbed hold of his leather collar, pulling him close and slamming her forehead into his face. He yelped, trying to stem the blood torrenting from his nose, then readied himself to hit back.

Uzuri just smirked and gestured downwards with her eyes. He glanced down, spotting the shiny dagger planted comfortably in his gut.

Before he could react she yanked the dagger sideways, opening up his belly and exposing its contents. The thug flopped to the ground like a wet rag.


Uzuri stepped over the twitching body, shaking her head.