The Grand Council

The Grand Council is a divine assembly which represents the pinnacle of human existence, its members hand-selected by Sol from amongst the Light and Hand of Sol. Paragons of virtue, they embody Solana's divine purpose, to elevate humanity above the reach of the Shadows. The members of the Grand Council serve not only to lead Solana, but to inspire the Children of the Light in their journey toward illumination, and seek to strengthen their relationship with Sol. The Grand Council is led by the Grand Magister, comprised of all eight Magisters, and a selection of archons and templars.

All matters of state pass into the hands of the Grand Council, who ensure the continued happiness and wellbeing of their people, and of Solana as a whole. Gathering in the inner sanctum that floats above the Amphitheatre, the Grand Council makes decisions on behalf of Solana.

First Grand Magister

The first Grand Magister of Solana was known as the Devout, for their dedication and service to the glory of Sol. Under the guidance of the Devout, construction of the city began, starting with what is now known as the Library of Illumination. The Grand Magister decreed that knowledge was sacred to Sol, and that Solana could not become a grand kingdom without first becoming a well-educated one. The Devout sent out scholars to gather ancient tomes and scrolls from all over Rathe and founded the Grand Council to help manage the growing city.

The Devout also called for the construction of a wall to protect the city, designed to combine physical defense with magical wards and sigils. This wall would be the beginning of Solana's transformation into a grand and wondrous kingdom. Solana owes its strength and splendour to the wisdom and dedication of the first Grand Magister, who believed that their people could one day save all of Rathe from the Shadows.