Wings of Wisdom

It was unlike any beast she had seen before. Scorched skin rippling with dark magic, meat-flecked battleaxe swinging haphazardly, flaming crimson eyes beneath a giant set of cruel horns. And it was heading straight for the gates of Solana...

Prism leaped into the air as her gleaming wings unfurled, and rocketed towards the beast like a thunderbolt. A flock of winged creatures attempted to intercept her, but with a flick of her wrist she blanketed herself within the shimmering folds of an Arc Light Sentinel. The golden illusions dissipated as quickly as they had appeared, leaving the flying menaces disoriented and confused.

Soaring through the sky towards the gargantuan charging monster, Prism felt her hope sink. There was no way she would reach it in time. She closed her eyes, heart thumping with adrenaline, and whispered a desperate prayer. Sekem answered her call.

The heavens parted with an ear shattering boom, as the Archangel of Ravages descended upon the unworldly horror, sword blazing with blinding light. The demon halted dead in its tracks, cowering before the almighty slayer of shadows. As Sekem swooped down and plunged her searing blade into the foul creature's heart, Prism could have sworn she glimpsed a wry smile cross the Archangel's lips.