More Than Human

It was a peaceful day in the East Rise until the attack.

A throng of delinquents wielding looping gauntlets, boom grenades, and illegally acquired steam-propelled hammers emerged from the bustling crowds, bee-lining for one particularly esteemed magnate.

"Sir, get behind me!" yelled Teklovossen's security detail, as if it would have made the slightest difference.

Teklovossen sighed. This was exactly why he never bothered going outdoors anymore.

As the shockwave from a boom grenade tossed the guard aside like a rag doll and the park emptied of frantic bystanders, Teklovossen calmly tapped his wrist, staring down his attackers with cold indifference.

"Wrong turn, old man." hissed a pink-haired troublemaker as the gang surrounded him.

"Five..." he replied softly, holding out his hand.

They frowned at each other in confusion. "Five what?"


Puzzle quickly dissolved into concern.


"Hey uh," stammered the pink-haired one. "What are you doing?"


They were seriously freaked out now. Fair enough too, they were only young.


A swarm of metal fragments whistled through the air from seemingly nowhere, latching onto Teklovossen's extended arm, obediently locking themselves into place. He clenched his fist, releasing a concussive wave that knocked the living daylights out of the would-be kidnappers.

Teklovossen stepped over an unconscious pink-haired body, and raised a finger to his temple.

"Quality assurance test successful. Please notify distribution that Face Breaker v2 is ready for deployment."