Roll of Honor: Kano

That's where the trouble began. That smile.

The poor aether construct didn't know exactly how much danger it was really in, as it flickered in front of the tomb entrance, painting the catacombs an angry orange. With a sly smirk, the young Wizard intruder calmly splayed his palm, releasing twin arcs of white-hot lightning. The construct contorted its bubbling frame out of harm's way, as the bolts careened past their target. It cackled hideously at the Wizard, rearing up to vaporise him in a single burst.

Kano couldn't believe it was actually this easy. Without breaking his smug grin, he clicked his fingers. The dual lightning bolts, which had been silently swirling in the space behind the construct, suddenly melded together and condensed into a single point. There was a brief quiet moment in which the construct learned what regret felt like for the first time, before the compressed energy exploded in a deafening sonic boom, scattering the construct's essence into insignificant wisps.

Kano confidently strode forth into the tomb, immediately spying a dusty leather bound tome sitting tantalisingly upon a cracked pedestal. He flipped through the ancient pages, and the smile on his face stretched even wider. Not only was it perfect, none of the other Wizards knew about it. He would emerge from the catacombs armed with secrets they could only dream about possessing. That made him dangerous, and oh how he loved being dangerous.