Amulet of Ice

Forged from the purest ice from deep within Mt. Isen, this amulet's a favorite amongst those of Isenloft as a reminder of their home.


Amulet of Lightning

A piece of the electric isles of Volthaven.


Autumn's Touch

The sun on the gentle glen. The rustle of the copper leaves. The touch of autumn is loved by all who listen to the earth for it prepares them for what is to come.


Bramble Spark

The Wardens were seeded all across Candlehold. With love and care they tended their grove, as the forest around them flourished!


Channel Mount Heroic

None of your adventures had prepared you for this breathtaking vista, as it towers above the forests of eastern Aria!



The grandeur of the Ollin can be seen all throughout Isenloft, as a testament to their strength and sacrifice in the name of humanity. Separate we are weak, but united we are strong!


Endless Winter

Forget not the horrors of the Third Age, when the Old Ones roamed the land.



The forest of Candlehold is older than Aria itself. Its tranquil woods are Evergreen, for the Queens magic has rendered them eternal.


Flicker Wisp

The spirits of the Wardens drifted in Candlehold for many centuries, patiently awaiting their Queen's return.


Frost Lock

Little remains as a testament to the Third Age, save some scattered signs hidden deep in the domain of ice and snow.



While some Wardens fight with, swords of thorns, others wield wooden spears of Lightning.


Glacial Footsteps

The Ancients of Ice are not to be trifled with.



It's only fitting for those that harm these woods to return to the earth, where they might flower and bloom once more.


Oaken Old

The Ollin were the staunch front line in the war of the Ancients, many aeons ago. This Oaken Old defender once Struck terror into the legions of the Old Ones; where the power of Ice and Earth came together, they fused into an unstoppable power that would incapacitate his foes, rendering them helpless and unable to recover their footing.


Pulse of Candlehold

The essence of Davnir cycles through the meadows of Candlehold, trapped by the Queen's ancient magics.


Pulse of Isenloft

This citadel stood for centuries atop Mt. Isen, frozen in stasis by the ice of the Ancients, and sheltered from even the passage of time.


Pulse of Volthaven

The mighty lightning of Yvor thunders through the skies of Volthaven, as the winter snow coats it in a gown of white.


Shock Striker

The power of Lightning courses through the inhabitants of Volthaven.


Tear Asunder

Legends tell of Guardians that tore open the heavens with their bare hands. Exaggeration? Maybe. But it's no question that the Guardians were as deadly as they come, and protected humanity in the early Ages.


Tome of Harvests

A tome overflowing with the knowledge of the Earth, passed down throughout the Ages by the Wardens of Candlehold.


Weave Ice

All of Aria will soon celebrate the Ollin's return!


Winter's Grasp

Ice glistens gently. Softly. But for those able to see through more than the surface it tells a story of those that came before.