Dash Through Data

"Processing complete. Model ready for production."

Dash knew it was just her imagination, but she could have sworn that Data Doll's monotone voice had perked up. The crimson-haired prodigy aimed her Assembler at the pile of scrap she had gathered, releasing several magnetic beams that repositioned the pieces of junk until they slotted together to form a gyroscopic disk-like object.

"Your design is most extraordinary, Dash Teklo."

"Just Dash is fine," she said as the wind picked up, politely reminding her she was standing on the rooftop of a high-rise and should probably focus on not losing her balance.

She produced a small remote with a comically large radio wire from her belt, hitting an equally comically sized red button. The disk wobbled for a bit, then hovered into the air. It strayed past the ledge, scanning its surroundings, making small curious turns, until it settled in place about six metres away, bobbing gently.

"Optimal position reached. Ready for grapple deployment."

"Use the proper name, please."

There was a slight pause.

"Ready for Swing-o-Matic deployment."

The streets below looked like thin lines of spaghetti, and suddenly she could picture herself as one of the meatballs.

"Let's hope your specs are as good as I think they are..." Dash murmured, aiming her arm-bound Evo at the floating disk. She inhaled the crisp morning air, ignoring her thundering heartbeat. "For both our sakes..."

At the squeeze of a trigger, a cable sprang out from her forearm, veering towards the disk, latching on with a satisfying 'clunk'. She gave it a few test tugs, then took a running leap off the ledge into empty space.

"Oh shi-"

As she fell through the air, Dash wondered if perhaps maybe, just maybe, she had been just a teeny smidge too hasty. But the cable went taut and sharply broke her fall, causing her to swing around in a wide circle as the disk rotated to support her momentum. Emitting a noise that was half exhilarated laughter and half terrified scream, Dash whizzed through the air, landing on the ledge of a nearby building. She teetered for a few seconds before regaining her balance, hugging the wall.

"Satisfactory?" came Data Doll's voice, with just the slightest twinge of attitude.

"Oh good, you've learned what sarcasm is," Dash snapped as she tried to control the rate at which blood was pumping through her veins.

"According to my records, it is highly illogical for humans to attempt untested hypotheses with such dangerous implications unless they have sound reasoning. You still haven't explained why we're doing this."

"Isn't it obvious?" Dash replied, detaching the cable, rewinding it into the compartment affixed to her arm, and pivoting to aim at the disk a second time. "We're doing this for fun!"