Riptide, Lurker of the Deep

If you want something caught, Riptide is the one to catch it.

From his workshop at the Seetheside docks, Riptide devises the most cunning traps in the Pits. Beast or being, big or small, Riptide has something to ensnare them all.

A hunter of big game and lost treasures since childhood, Riptide now plies the Pits' diluvian depths, stalking the maze of swamped tunnels and sunken caves for exotic creatures and salvageable riches.

So often has he embraced the horrors of the drowned darkness that he has become one himself. But don't be fooled. Underneath the horror is an intelligence not to be trifled with. His appearance may be as foul as the fishes he hunts, but Riptide's ingenious cruelty often outwits the most merciless gangers in the Pits.

Now a Ranger-for-hire contracted to "the Boss", Riptide has become trapper, smuggler and scout. Every contraption more dangerous than the last, every deal more devious, every setup more sadistic.

Predators of the Pits beware. It's the thrill of the hunt that keeps the Lurker anchored. The longer he has to wait, the worse your agonizing end shall be.

Catch of the Day
Waiting until the slightest movement catches his eye, Riptide launches a barbed harpoon into the murky water, hauling in his prize. Use your array of deadly arrows to snag your prey and drag them to their doom.
Treacherous Traps
Clamp down on your opponents with Riptide's ingenious contraptions. With a specially designed trap for every scenario, all you need to do is set the bait and sit tight until a poor unsuspecting soul wanders straight into your clutches. Patience is key - you don't want to pull the trigger too early or too late and end up empty handed.