Backup Protocol: RED

The future waits for no one, does it?

The science is robust. Anomalies detected and resolved. Analysis filters are in place. KPIs attuned. Protocol 103 is on standby. All impossibility eliminated. Sixty seconds out and counting. Fifty-nine, fifty-eight, fifty-seven...


Cogwerx Base Head

We all have to start somewhere! Take your first step into the world of industry and wealth with raw materials from steam central. No need to save up. These enhancements come at rock-bottom prices. When it's time to stand and be counted, you can count on Cogwerx!.


Dash I/O

You've got to stay curious. Ask questions. Push the envelope. Challenge your mind to think bigger, better. Brighter! I'm never who I was yesterday. I'm always two steps ahead of myself, thinking about tomorrow, inventing it as I go along!


Reality getting you down? Worn down by grit and grime, the gall and the grind? Then Eidolon is the flight of fancy you've been waiting for. Take the holiday of a lifetime without ever leaving home. Go on. You've earned it!


Dive Through Data

Eidolon, the realm of data made manifest. Rumors whispered from the stacks. Gossip giggled through the graphs. Lurid! lies dangling from topical trees. It's all there, the story of an entire city, peeking through the ones and the zeros.


Evo Command Center

When the going gets tough, the tough suit up! Battle-hardened, with a track record as old as Metrix, this steam-powered - coverall will see you through the rough and tumble of any situation. You can count on Cogwerx!


Evo Data Mine

Smarter, sharper, more perceptive. At ease. Sleeping well. That's how you weather the waves of variance. Kit yourself out like you're prepared for anything and you will be. Survey your surroundings with Data, by Teklo Industries.



Node connects to node with circuits dynamic. Forming patterns. Forming pictures. Billions of ones and zeros, meeting and making in a mindscape of automation. A tallic for your thoughts, little one. - Jules Teklovossen


Hyper Scrapper

Out with the old and in with the new. The skyline of Metrix isn't a static image. It's no painting to hang on the wall. It's a live show, a dynamic animation. Change is the only constant in the city of progress, wonder, and light.


Meganetic Lockwave

In Metrix, an immaculate amalgam of minerals and metals forms the foundation for the technology you see. Gravity, electromagnetism, the dance of force and form. Energy, matter and mass-opposites meeting in beautiful collisions, driving the future forward.



Forget a grand entrance. Go for the destructive departure. The explosive exit. See me blast outta eighth and past Lowlake with the nitro on full throttle. I may not know where I'm going, but you'll definitely know where I've been. Just look up! Watch for Powder Kegs in the moonlight.


Steel Street Enforcement

Without law and order, there can be no peace, no prosperity. The Iron Assembly safeguards the wellbeing of every citizen in Metrix. Security ensures stability. Therefore, unstable elements must be realigned. Do we make ourselves clear? - Steelstreet Enforcers


Steel Street Hoons

Those who own the game make the rules. The Iron Assembly didn't ask our opinion They just told us to play. Well, we've got news for them. This is our city, our game. We'll write our own damned rules!


System Failure

Warning! System malfunctioning...

Who could imagine,
A Metrix without mechanization.
A city without its technology?
No strobe in the night,
Or Pavloads to strike.
No Teklo Industries.
No Pulsewave or Jammer
Or Plating or Breaker.
Not even the Iron Assembly.
A future, shutdown
From overloaded systems

No Data for minds to perceive. - ?!Q(>!!