Big Shot - (EVO153)

"This here's a meritocracy, and I got all the merit I need right here." - Rex Biggun

Cognition Field - (EVO117)

"Fall back and fortify positions... Enforcers en route!" - Huxley, Iron Assembly Surveyor

"The wonders of Eidolon await your. Electric worlds for the electric mind!" - Synthea Teklo

Dive Through Data - (EVO191)

"Eidolon. The city's vast knowledge at your fingertips." - Mendacity Media

Dust from the Chrome Caverns - (EVO246)

The Chrome Caverns at the desert's edge, where steel-laced winds whisper of forgotten secrets.

Infuse Titanium - (EVO123)

"Waddaja mean junk? There's riches here in the Sprawl, if ja willing to get yer hands dirty" - Kyle

Liquid-Cooled Mayhem - (EVO065)

"Ramp up scuttler deployment. We need more Tenatan NOW!" - Taskmaster Pyrion

Mechanical Strength - (EVO067)

"We are the apex predators here. Is it not the law of nature that we should devour the weak?" - Executive Smyte, Centennial Consumables

Out Pace - (EVO206)

"It's quick or be dead in the ole Rust and Dust." - Sandy Shoo

Quicken - (EVO250)

Metrix. City of Industry. Where the streets are paved with opportunity, and progress waits for no one!

Ratchet Up - (EVO107)

"Rest under the shade wrought by our wise Founders, that you may venture deeper into the great Unknown." - Professor Min

Scrap Harvester - (EVO132)

"What, this? It's the Sprawl. Don't worry bout it! T's a small price to pay for prosperity!" - Prospector Cogmire

Scrap Prospector - (EVO137)

What goes up must come down... to Coppertown.

Slay - (EVO248)

When Light is made flesh, Light too shall bleed. - Vynnset, the Iron Maiden

Smashing Performance - (EVO237)

"The scent of blood, the roar of the crowd. The enemies beneath your mace, all bear witness to the rise of a new CHAMPION!!" - Kox, Deathmatch Fightmaster

Steam Canister - (EVO077)

"This city of dreams was built on steam!" - Cogwerx Slogan

Steel Street Enforcement - (EVO060)

"Stability is the bedrock of Metrix city, as peace and profit go hand in hand." - Enforcer Eesha

System Reset - (EVO145)

"Data corrupted. Thoughts scrambled. Lucidity protocol enabled." - Data Doll MKI

Wax Off - (EVO239)

"Why look without, when the Art hides within?" - Master Morita, Art of the Hand

Zero to Fifty - (EVO163)

Zero to Sixty?! You'll get a ticket for that.