Iyslander, Stormbind

A woman reborn of ice and snow, Iyslander's past is a dull ache of distant pain. For as long as she can remember, she has dwelled within the Bleak Expanse, the spirits and creatures of winter her only companions. During this time, her powers have grown from twinkling icicles to shredding storms, from gentle snowdrifts to crushing avalanches.

Iyslander's arcane talent speaks to the frigid forces of Rathe's most isolated and hostile environment. Even though her memories remain clouded, her will is as hard and clear as a frosty morning. No matter where she goes, Iyslander carries the fierce beauty of the frozen north with her. The ice has been her shelter. The ice is now her strength.

Essence of Ice
Iyslander beckons and bends winter at her whim. It's one thing to know the conditions your facing, it's another when the icy winds of winter close in unexpectedly at an instant. Use Iyslander's Frostbite ability to disrupt opponents at instant speed mid-way through their turn.
Arcane Arts
Aether is the central knowledge base of all arcane arts in Rathe. Each school of the arcane manipulates aether in it's own way based on divergent teachings and philosophies, but the raw base property is always aether. Unlike melee fighters who trade blows using the combat chain, defending arcane damage requires special equipment, items, or damage prevention effects.