Dromai, Ash Artist

The blood of the dragon boils in Dromai's veins.

The ancient dragons have awoken.

Once mere memories, forgotten notes scratched into dusty tomes, they now soar across Volcor's smoking skies. With ferocity and flame, they sear a path through Dromai's enemies, a road that she alone dares to walk.

Once manipulated from the shadows, the puppet has severed her strings. She will not bow to the lies of her past. Neither will she bow to the false promises of others' grand futures. Dromai has her dragons. That is all she needs, and the singular will to use them to fulfill her own burning desires.

The artist's destiny is painted in ash and blood. Dromai will create her masterpiece for all to behold, and this time, no-one will stand in her way.

Ash Artistry
All Illusionists use a base material mixed with aether to craft their fantastical creations. Dromai has mastered the talent of ash artistry, able to animate ash from her surrounding environment into fragile yet fearsome forms, none more so than the legendary dragons of Volcor.
Dragons of Volcor
Fables say that a Draconic Aesir slumbers within the cradle of Mt Volcor, its heart pulsing molten through the lava veins that span the Volcor landscape. Servants of the Draconic Aesir, Dracona Optimai, Tomeltai, and Dominia, and servants of these servants, dominated the skies of Rathe during the First Age. They may be lost to time in the flesh and blood, but Dromai is able to wield their essence as powerful weapons of destruction using the arcana of Ash Artistry.
Red Hot
Dromai likes it red hot. Pack your deck with many red color strip cards to make the most of her hero ability and Draconic cards. Pitch red cards to create the Ash to craft her illusionary dragons, then use a red as the incendiary spark to BURN THEM ALL!