Roll of Honor - Kassai, Cintari Sellsword

She walked alone.

The skin on her neck sizzled from the relentless welting of the brazen sun. Her throat desperately clung to the last few receding molecules of moisture. Her feet protested as blisters tore open, new ones formed underneath, then tore again.

What kept her walking was the sheer billowing rage that thundered in her head and heart. On the surface she seemed as nonchalant as a sand dune skittering in the breeze. But the torment she felt - losing her home, her family, her life - writhed inside her like a desert serpent.

Days had turned into weeks had turned into months had turned into years. And she had spent every single moment preparing. Honing her body, mind, and spirit. Her sabers were nestled comfortably in her precise grip, perfectly poised for striking true at a moment's notice. She was ready.

It was time to cash in...