Arcane Rising

Absorb in Aether - (ARC123)

The power of the Dracai burn in their veins, as they call upon the raging flames to guard their liege.

Amplify the Arknight - (ARC094)

As he is forced to rise once again and defend his long-forsaken tomb, he longs for the sweet release of death's embrace.

Back Alley Breakline - (ARC176)

"This is going to hurt your wallet more than your arm." - Doctor Mortimer, 'The Fixer'

Blazing Aether - (ARC118)

"Oh, you thought you were going to win?" - Kano

Come to Fight - (ARC203)

Graham the Gallant strode among the trees, tracking a band of notorious thieves. They cowered before good Graham's might, for they knew they'd already lost the fight.

Drawn to the Dark Dimension - (ARC097)

Beware that which lies within the shadows, for its reach may extend beyond the physical plane.

Eye of Ophidia - (ARC000)

Beyond the turbulent waters of Death's Knell, the ocean stretches as far as the eye can see, an endless, unfathomable expanse of deep blue. The keeper looks upon the shifting tides, feeling the weight of time within its weary soul. As the great divide draws near, it relinquishes a part of itself, bequeathing the gift of its immeasurable knowledge. Under the light of the pale moon, the ocean calls it home, and at last, the keeper sinks into the deep, undisturbed.

Fate Foreseen - (ARC200)

"Should you wish to see the future, know this... what has been seen cannot be unseen." - Vera

High Octane - (ARC006)

"Now that's what I call blowing off steam!" - Dash

Index - (ARC135)

"They banished me from their radiant kingdom, fearful in the face of true knowledge." - Xaine, Runescribe

Lead the Charge - (ARC209)

"By the will of the Dracai we raise our arms, and ignite the flames of war." - Lieutenant Yamada

Life for a Life - (ARC164)

"And when I drain the very last drop of blood from your veins, when you struggle to draw breath into your failing lungs... It still won't be enough." - Ateia

Maximum Velocity - (ARC008)

Zoom! Zip! Kazam! Ever wanted to show ol' Joey what for? Now you can, with the Velocitator 60-T! Turn that pesky rival into a smear on the pavement!

Mordred Tide - (ARC081)

With each step, the tide draws in, drowning the world in shadow.

Rifting - (ARC194)

"Sir, might I suggest disposing of the ancient artefact?" - Jeeves

Rune Flash - (ARC100)

Ancient runes guard its dusty windows, its darkened halls where the Shadows sleep.

Spark of Genius - (ARC009)

"So if I grab... and then connect... That's it!" - Dash

Sun Kiss - (ARC212)

Separated by a power greater than their own, they chased each other across the sky, wishing for nothing more than to reunite.

Take Cover - (ARC048)

In the Pits, every nook, cranny, or demolition debris serves as worthy refuge when it's time to take cover.

Three of a Kind - (ARC044)

"Finally. Time to take out the trash." - Azalea

Throttle - (ARC023)

"Why, my steam-propelled hammer could increase mining efficiency by up to 38%!" - Elias Edgecombe

Tome of the Arknight - (ARC084)

"And in abandoning the Light, I am consumed by the Shadow, and gifted true power..." - Eldon, Lost Knight

Whisper of the Oracle - (ARC215)

Breath turns to mist, mist to aether; in her hands, a glimpse of fate.

Zipper Hit - (ARC029)

"Yes! Yes! Off you go, my tiny zipperwings! Take your gases to the masses!" - Maxwell