The Battle Against the Shadow

Once, many centuries ago, an apostate betrayed the people of Solana, and turned his back upon the light. Driven mad with power, he embraced the vile corruptions of the Shadow and unleashed his toxic ideology upon the world. When the noble warriors of the Light sought to stop him, he fled to an isolated island and soiled the earth there with the corruption of the shadows, severing his place of horrors from the rest of Rathe. The Demonastery was thus born of blood and sacrifice, a cursed, blighted castle which harbours the horrors of the damned.

Ever since, the Demonastery and Solana have stood in direct opposition to one another. It is the nature of the Shadow to destroy, seeking to eliminate the Light; the Light seeks to defend the innocent from the Shadows, and halt the spread of its vile corruption across the land of Rathe. Solana has fought many battles in its quest to bring an end to the scourge of the Shadow; however, for many years the city knew a kind of peace, untouched by the raging wars of their past.

Yet in recent times, that peace has come to an end. For the first time in centuries, the Demonastery has struck at the very heart of Solana, raining down shadows upon the city like a vile plague. With the blessings of Sol and the guidance of the Light, the Solanians have risen to the challenge, taking up arms in their quest to defend all of Rathe from the horrors of the Demonastery. Now, as then, they will drive back the Shadow, and guide the common people into an era of peace and prosperity.