What's the difference between the Ancients, the Old Ones, the Aesir and the Embra?

The Old Ones have a proper name for their race; Aesir. Chane and the Disciples of Pain are determined to prevent the Aesir/Old Ones from re-invading Rathe, which on a surface level is a noble and benevolent cause. However, he specifically teams up with an Embra (Ursur), and Embra seem to be the leaders or superiors to the regular Aesir we see.

The "Land of Legends" article says this quote at the bottom:

"The War of the Monarchs rages on; Aesirs and their Embras stir in their slumber, their influence seeping from íArathael into the realm of man..."

And Oldhim's backstory says:

"Sometimes his dreams took him to his formative years, when the vassals of Embras advanced, forcing them to the north..."

So why would Chane and Co. team up with the things they are specifically trying to destroy? Unless they are planning to use the power and influence of the Embra to re-direct the Aesir, it doesn't seem to make sense.

"Having become an apostle of the order, Chane is burdened with duty, unified with his brothers in their noble quest to protect humanity from the return of the Aesir, whose vast, arcane power would quickly overwhelm the land of Rathe. After spending many, many months researching and reading, he finally found the key; a whisper of powerful beings who could stand against the Aesir. Thus, he and his fellow disciples have sought a way to weaken the old ones and harness their arcane energy to their own ends."

So it seems like they are trying to turn the Aesir on themselves, but why would they attack Solana if they wish to protect Rathe?

Currently my understanding is that Solana is not all it is cut out to be, as the magisters declared anyone heretics who would question contradictions in the old tomes. Perhaps "Sol" is some form of Embra? Perhaps their devout worship of an Embra or god-like being is what is attracting the Aesir in the first place to Rathe?


What are the races of Rathe?

What animals/non-humanoids exist within Rathe?

You can see the full list of animals on the data page here.

What powers/forces exist within Rathe?

  • The Flow is a wild, unpredictable force of nature in Aria, the Flow shapes the landscape around it as it ebbs and flows.
  • Strale is the elemental energy and power that resonates throughout the Candlehold.


Is Ira dead?

We don't know. Her story takes place hundreds of years before the current main story timeline, that's all we know. There is nothing written that outright states she is dead, however she is human...

What do we know about Jackdaw?

Not much, he is mentioned in some flavour text such as Pitfall Trap, Out Muscle and Pay Day. We also read about him in The Jaws of Death where he is standing outside Blackjack's Tavern.

What do we know about Jarl?

Jarl Vetreidi is the character shown on Mangle and Pulverize. He's an Ollin. The Ollin were guardians from Aria, an Order of them, which got frozen by an ancient to protect them thousands of years ago.

What do we know about Fyendal?

We don't know much about Fyendal yet, however we do know that Fyendal is according to flavour text:

The ruler of the jungle deep, a predator without equal, is lost in slumber... yet its heart still beats, somewhere amongst the undergrowth, echoing the endless cycle of life and death."

What do we know about Ophidia?

Not much beyond what is written on the flavour text.

What do we know about Elias Edgecomb?

They are mentioned on the flavour text of Throttle and they seem to appear in the artwork of other cards too.

Story Arc

What is the general timeline of world events?

The general gist is:

  • Genesis of the World / Creation
  • Humans settles on Rathe
  • Old Ones Invade during the Third Age
  • The Ancients and Humanity team up to defeat them
  • War of the Monarchs during the Age of Man (the current age) between Light and Shadow
  • Uprising in Volcor