Fai, Rising Rebellion

For too long, Fai witnessed the suffering of the Volcai. He heard the lash of whips against prostrate backs. He felt the ache in his belly from days without food. He smelled the sickly sweetness of smoldering corpses.

The first man he killed was a young soldier, one of many guarding a caravan laden with silk bound for the Royal Court of Ashvahan. To the raid leader, Eun, he proved himself to be the fastest and fiercest ninja on the field of battle. And once the silk was sold to the Merchants of the Red Deserts, that single raid saved Fai's village from starvation.

Guided by his mother's wisdom, Fai brings bloody justice to the selfish and the cruel. He strikes with the blistering speed of the phoenix and burns his cause into the hearts of friend and foe alike. A cause that will see Volcai and Dracai stand together instead of tearing each other apart.

Phoenix Rising
Molten cleansing events, instigated by the Imperials, routinely raze the settlements of the Volcai people. Yet, a phoenix will always rise from the ashes, to soar once more. Use Fai's hero ability along with his talent cards to raise a phoenix force and overwhelm the opposition with your combat chains that reach far and wide.
Lavavein Loyalty
The Volcai may be regularly beaten and burned by the Imperial oppressor, but their bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood will never be broken. Many of Fai's Draconic attacks are at their strongest when paired with other Draconic attacks, a reflection that the Volcai's power comes from their devotion to their cause.
Violent Eruption
Like the explosive power of Mt Volcor itself, Fai compounds his pent up anger, unleashing his fury as a dramatic rupture point at chain link 4 or higher.