The Legend of Mistress Ikaru

Long ago, a mysterious woman landed on the shores of Misteria. She came from an unknown land, travelling from village to village. This mysterious young woman rarely spoke, occasionally giving voice to a question, or engaging with someone in quiet discussion. One day, she came across a wizened old man sitting on a log, carefully setting out his wares on a worn blanket. On the ground before him lay five items: a chunk of rock, a dark crystal, a pale branch, a vibrant flower, and a tiny pouch.

Looking over the items, the woman found herself drawn to the pouch. Old and faded, its drawstrings were tied in a simple knot, concealing the contents within. Curious, she asked if he knew what lay within, and if she might open it. Silently, the old man shook his head. After a moment's deliberation, the woman removed a ring from her finger, a deceptively plain silver band.

"Would this be a fair trade?" The old man merely smiled in response, offering a small nod.

Thanking him, she passed him the ring, taking the pouch in exchange. The woman continued on her travels, moving from village to village. For months, she travelled across Misteria, seemingly searching for something, yet never finding what it was that she was looking for. Finally, she came across a steep mountain range, carefully picking her way down the rocky slope. Standing atop a small hill, she looked down upon a rolling valley, and pulled out the pouch that she had traded for, so long ago.

From the pouch, the woman removed a single pale seed. She planted it with her own two hands, watering and caring for the tiny seedling that sprouted. The seedling slowly grew into a beautiful cherry blossom tree, bright and cheerful in its place high above, looking down on the village that began to take shape below. Mistress Ikaru, once a mysterious stranger, took a name in honour of the tree that now watched over her home. The House of Blossoms flourished under her careful guidance, growing from a tiny village into a house worthy of its founder. Long after the Mistress took her last breath, the Ikaru Clan would continue to grow, thriving under the branches of the cherry blossom tree.