The World of Rathe

Long ago, humans arrived on the shores of Rathe from a distant land, seeking a place to build their homes. They found a world of vast mountain ranges and volcanic plains, dense jungles and sheer cliffs, verdant meadows and iridescent forests, This is Rathe, a land fuelled by magic. Once home to incredible beings beyond imagination, humans have overtaken the land, spreading across the continent and changing the land around them. Some learned to harness the innate magic in this world and wield it in battle, others choose to rely on technology and human innovation.

Once, the humans of this world were at war, clashing in devastating battles that decimated the land. For a time, it almost seemed as if humanity would be incapable of living alongside one another - but after many hundreds of years, Rathe finally entered a new era of peace. The people of Misteria withdrew into the mountains, Aria erected great barriers to protect their realm from outsiders, and the kingdom of Solana shifted its focus to spreading the Light. Volcor's empire unravelled into a state of constant warfare, as its many Generals fought amongst themselves for land and resources, while far to the north, a glittering city of copper and glass emerged, calling to like-minded individuals who looked toward the future.

Now, this era of peace threatens to descend into chaos once more. The people of Rathe have become restless as seeds of dissent take root across the continent, and the world balances on the brink of war once again.

Map of Rathe