A Radiant City

Solana stands proudly at the very centre of the world, its marble walls gleaming as they reflect the light of the sun. Its ramparts are reinforced with hundreds of years of layered spellwork, which form an impenetrable barrier to defend the city against both physical and magical attacks. Deliberately built in accordance with Sol's divine will, the city's elegance and symmetry are apparent to all who enter. Beyond the eight imposing gates lie eight city sectors, with eight grand walkways leading through the city, converging at the grand Solarium. A colossal complex of shining towers, the Solarium is Solana's crowning jewel, beloved to those who call the city home.

Throughout Solana, the grand walkways are interlinked by plazas, great open spaces in which her citizens can gather to hear proclamations and news from the city's Magisters and archons. Massive markets are supplied by meraducts, raised paths which allow goods to be transported quickly from one side of the city to the other. Individual stores line the roadways' paving stones, spilling out into residential and trade areas alike. From wall to shining wall, the city of Solana surges with joyous, bustling life, its streets lined with cheerful homes and vaulted rooftops, colourful banners swaying in the gentle breeze.

The people of Solana are amicable by nature, welcoming all into their city so that they might see the splendour of Sol for themselves. While born Solanians feel a deep connection to Sol, they believe that it is their sacred duty to spread the teachings of the Light to all of Rathe. Visitors are commonplace, welcomed by the people of Solana, and greeted by diplomats who are specially chosen to receive them as honoured guests. Each and every citizen is chosen for their role; their duty to Solana is revealed through divine providence. As such, Solanians are incredibly dedicated to their respective crafts, as many believe that they were born to fulfil their purpose, and thus serve their beloved city.

The Amphitheatre

A vast, open arena which can hold all the citizens of Solana, it is used for ceremonies, public events, celebrations, and proclamations. Anyone, citizen or visitor, is welcome to come there and listen to one of the daily lectures, which are usually given by a Magister speaking on the doctrine of Sol.

The Library of Illumination

The Great Library

Many scholars and seekers of knowledge have travelled to Solana for the sole purpose of seeing the Great Library, a labyrinthine complex found at the base of the Solarium. An imposing sight; the floor is constructed from lustrous marble, with floor-to-ceiling shelves containing thousands of tomes and scrolls, as well as bound parchments authored by the scholars of Solana. Above, towering mosaics of coloured glass depict scenes from the history of the city and its people. Five colossal statues stand at the very centre of the Library's main foyer, constructed in gold and ivory, each one portraying one of Solana's five Grand Magisters.

Any Solanian may enter and read the tomes found within its walls, which contain accounts of Solanian history, the legends of Sol, tales of the world beyond the city walls, and information on the various districts of Solana. Large tables line the hallways of the Library of Illumination, which include spaces for any visitor to read and study. Only the uppermost level of the library is open to the public, while the remaining levels lie hidden underground, accessible only to scholars of the Light of Sol.


A concealed vault lies deep beneath the earth, guarded by both physical defences and powerful wards. Throughout history, many ancient artefacts from Rathe's past have surfaced, and since the time of the first Grand Magister, Solana has retrieved these powerful items and hidden them from those who might use them for nefarious purposes. The existence of the Signarus remains a well-guarded secret, known only to the highest-ranking members of the Light of Sol.


A series of colourful, verdant gardens encircle the Solarium. Home to thousands of species of flora from around Rathe, the Silvaris is open to the public; the city's inhabitants frequently visit the gardens, walking amongst the trees and enjoying the many flowering plants that grow along its borders. From lofty trees of verdant green to vibrant purple blossoms, the gardens are a burst of colour against the brilliant white stone walls of the Solarium. Almost any plant in existence can be found within the Silvaris, including restorative herbs and ingredients for spellwork, carefully cultivated by the Light of Sol.


Standing at the very heart of the city, the Solarium is an enormous complex of shining towers that form the central nexus of Solana, encompassing the Library of Illumination, the Great Hall, the Amphitheatre, and the Inner Sanctum. The Solarium includes a number of rooms set aside for the Light of Sol, with classrooms and lecture halls for training acolytes and squires alike.

The Awakening Ceremony

When a child of Solana turns eight years old, an Archon will arrive at their home to lead them to a special room within the Solarium, where they will conduct the Awakening Ceremony. This sacred space is filled with a wide and varied selection of items, from ancient tomes to swords and shields, smithing hammers to aprons and looms; every trade and profession in Solana is represented within this lofty space. Once the ceremony begins, one of the items in particular within the room will resonate with Sol's light and begin to glow, revealing the child's divine calling. Many families within Solana have passed down their trades through the generations, honing their craft over the centuries with the help of Sol's divine guidance.

The Blessing of Sol

Throughout the centuries, Solana has fought valiantly against the forces of the Shadow, working to protect the innocent from corruption and despair. In times of great strife, when this constant battle has threatened to overwhelm the many lands of Rathe, Sol has gifted his blessings upon his most devout followers, bestowing upon them the power to drive back the Shadow. The radiant glory of the Light grants them divine grace, enhancing their natural abilities and lending to them the might of Sol.

In recent times, as the Demonastery is unleashing the full force of its fiendish power upon the city, Sol has once again gifted his blessing upon the devout. Some have awakened to the calling of the Light, finding their strength and talents augmented by Sol's favour; others have found themselves marked by the sigil of one of Sol's Heralds, choosing some of the Light's followers as their charges in the battles to come.