The Underworld

The Pits are a series of massive chasms that lie beneath the city of Metrix. Through centuries of excavation, miners have uncovered a network of underground passages, carved into the bedrock by subterranean rivers and streams. Yet the mining corporations of Metrix have allowed fumes and toxic waste to accumulate beneath the earth, staining the waters a fetid black.

While the Iron Assembly works to keep relative peace in the city above, they turn a blind eye to the depths of the Pits. In the shadows beneath the earth, a lawless society has taken shape. Thieves, mercenaries, smugglers and slavers have built their homes here, offering their services to anyone with the coin to pay.

The people here are hardened, cynical and weary, with sunken eyes and skeletal figures. Makeshift lanterns light the paths to their ramshackle shelters, built from the waste that falls from above. From scavenger to hardened criminal, every last resident of the Pits will do whatever is necessary to survive.