Roll of Honor: Lexi, Livewire

"Are you sure about this?"

Yorick's face was fraught with worried linework. Normally the Bard's stories were brought to life through pen, song, or lute, but this time they were written all over his face, clear as day. Lexi shot her friend a soft smile as she hoisted a heavy pack onto her shoulders, where it hung next to the shimmering frame of Voltaire.

"Surer than I've ever been."

It was a total lie, but if Yorick suspected anything he certainly didn't show it. The reality was that Lexi was struggling with overwhelming uncertainty, a feeling she was not used to, nor ready to talk about. Her one solace was the single thing she was completely certain about - there had to be a reason.

There had to be a damn good reason for that Rosetta to slink away without granting them the courtesy of an explanation, let alone a "goodbye Lexi", or a "farewell Lexi", or even a "thanks for saving me from being ambushed several times Lexi, you're the greatest friend and companion I've ever had, and the cleanest shot in all of Rathe, and you have cool hair, and..."

Whatever. She waved to a forlorn Yorick as she set off alone on foot in the direction Briar had last been seen wandering. She ignored the gnawing anxiety in her stomach that was desperately trying to pull her back to her friends, her home, the mysteries of Enion... Was it the right thing to do, striking out solo like this? Was she doing it purely out of curiosity, or because the two of them had grown so close during their adventures?

As the wind picked up, a renegade snow fleck dive-bombed her eye and she let out a rather ungracious squawk. She couldn't help but imagine the wry remark Briar would have made in response, and the thought steeled her resolve. Briar was out there facing something menacing and cryptic. But despite what preconceived notions the Rosetta may have inherited from the sleepy Candlehold sovereignty, she didn't have to go through it alone.

There had to be a reason, and as a Wayfarer, Lexi was determined to find it.