A History of Persecution

It is told that once there lived a powerful scholar, who gathered his people and guided them in the building of a mighty city, which would stand as a symbol of radiant truth. Under his guidance, that city, called Solana, entered a golden age of illumination and understanding. However, as their strength grew, the scholar delved deeper into the history of humanity, and uncovered a secret which unravelled the very deepest mysteries of Rathe. This terrible burden weighed heavily upon his mind, and turned him against all that he had believed in, driving him to seek out a different kind of power. He sought to found a great work which would free all of humanity, and elevate him to the realm of the beyond.

In time, his brothers and sisters discovered his actions, and cast him out, terrified by the energies he had come to wield. Single-minded in his quest, the once-beloved scholar set out to forge his own path. He would construct a place of safety, which would remain unobstructed by the rigid ethics of his former home and where his mission could continue unhindered.

However, even as his new Demonastery began to take shape, his former brothers' fear turned to hatred, and their formidable legions began to lay siege to his sanctuary. Determined to keep their forces at bay, he wove a great spellwork into the very foundations of the mansion, and with a power which transcended the limits of mankind, he severed the isle from the outside world. As the last flagstone was set in place, he relinquished his own flesh and blood, fusing himself with the manor; his strength hid the isle from prying eyes, and the remnants of his spirit is said to guide the Demonastery to this day.

A Grand Vision for Humanity

In the centuries since its founding, the Demonastery has established itself as a place freed from the shackles of morality. Researchers and academics from all across Rathe have flocked to the mansion, seeking a place to continue their studies without fear of retribution. Despite their differences, the residents have one thing in common, the self-same reason for which the Demonastery accommodates them: the eternal pursuit of knowledge, no matter the cost, and by any means possible.

These brilliant minds, once scorned and cast out by their own people for daring to question the mores of the world around them, are haunted by enemies who continually hunt them. Foremost amongst these foes is the 'golden city' of Solana, who would wipe out every last one of them for their so-called heretical movement. Even now, it seeks to annihilate them for daring to pursue knowledge outside of the Light. While Solana continues to grow stronger with each passing year, the Demonastery must gather its forces and stand against it, before the forces of the Light become too powerful to overcome.