The Site 🌐

Legendary Stories aims to be the complete source for all Flesh and Blood lore. The site is created with the blessing of Legend Story Studios themselves.

The Developer 👨🏼‍💻

Legendary Stories is created with ❤️ by Nathan Millwood. A Data Scientist / Data Engineer by trade, Nathan has been playing Flesh and Blood since August 2021.

Special Thanks 🙏

  • Tyler Luce for the amazing open source data set which you can see on GitHub here. You can see it in action at The Fab Cube, a site he's building for creating and managing Flesh and Blood cubes.
  • The broader Flesh and Blood developer community who are always happy to offer help when needed.
  • Legend Story Studios for giving me their blessing to make this site.

Missing Lore 📖

If you find any missing lore, please feel free to contact Nathan on X or Discord, or raise an issue on GitHub.

Support 😍

I work hard to ensure all lore is added to the site as quickly as I can once it drops. I want Legendary Stories to be the one stop shop for finding out about your favourite heroes or locations as easily as possible. If you'd like to support the ongoing hosting costs for the site or just buy me a booster, feel free to do so here. Each and every contribution is deeply appreciated and inspires me to keep the site updated.