Teklovossen, Esteemed Magnate

Jules Teklovossen. A name synonymous with brilliance. A man that propelled Metrix from a past of steam and iron into a future of light and data.

Born into the middling ranks of the Cogwerx steam empire, Teklovossen broke free from the old corporation's mechanical monotony to found his own enterprise. Driven by his relentless optimism and peculiar imagination, Teklo Industries rose to be the city's brightest beacon of innovation. His greatest breakthrough, teklatic-dynamism, made our lives better, Teklovossen becoming one of the most prominent members of our city's governing body, the Iron Assembly.

Then one fateful evening, an inferno broke out in the old Plumvex Pipes factory, engulfing everything, including the inventor who toiled within. Under the astute leadership of Teklovossen's successors, Teklo Industries has maintained its position in the vanguard of innovation. Of the founder himself, well...

There are some visionaries whose perceptions are so far-reaching they exceed the limits of mortal mechanics. It was agreed that Teklovossen be immortalized as a techno-deity and projected on every billboard and media screen in Metrix. These days, his holographic visage serves as a reminder of the city's progress, his gentle encouragement motivating us to become more than we are. More than human.

Suit Up, Throw Down
Everyone has to start somewhere. Teklovossen builds upon the basics with cutting-edge Evo equipment, encasing himself within mechanized armor that packs some serious firepower. Find all the pieces, upgrade your suit, then stomp the competition!
More Than Human
The father of modern technology in Metrix, Teklovossen strives for better... bolder... brighter. A firm believer in the raw power of human ingenuity, yet bound by the constraints of his mortal flesh, he searches for means to become something more than just man or machine. No price is too high to pay when you're chasing the impossible...