Brevant, Civic Protector


Each dawn, the people of Solana wake to the sound of marching. The rhythm of metal on stone keeps them steady, and they return to their slumbering, safe in the knowledge they are protected by the Hand of Sol. In honor the Hand serves, guarding their people, defending their livelihoods, so their beautiful homeland may prosper in peace.

Brevant, one of the realm's Civic Protectors, appears to carry the weight of responsibility lightly upon his lean and muscled shoulders. He walks with a sure grace, speaks with a bold eloquence, smiles with infectious ease. Yet his easy way conceals a will forged into steel by grinding instruction and grueling training. As an anointed Knight of the Hand, he gleams brightly in the light of Sol, a source of inspiration to the young and pride to the old.

He patrols far and wide with his comrades-in-arms, defending his people in the farthest reaches of Solana, from the corrupted borderlands of the north to the seething ranges of the south. His fair visage gifts confidence to any who lays eyes upon it, for Brevant is the vigor of the realm-both strong of flesh and faithful of heart. In this brave young Guardian they see themselves, their hopes and glories, reflected in Sol's gracious Light.

Chivalry Above All
Brevant lives by a code, and would rather die than stray from it. He believes in the kindness of people's hearts, that chivalry should know no bounds, and that virtue is its own reward. Make him question these beliefs though, and you'll find a combatant entirely capable of crushing you under the swing of his massive hammer.
Right Makes Might
Brevant's displays of defensive prowess don't only protect his allies. They also give him the inner fortitude required to pump up his attacks! Brevant will defend his friends and flex on those foolish enough to count themselves among his enemies.