Blessing of Ingenuity - (DYN098)

"Take care of your work, that one day it may take care of you." - Teklovossen

Blessing of Occult - (DYN179)

Borrowed power comes with debt unpaid. One day the Shadows will come to play.

Blessing of Patience - (DYN033)

"Seek calm even as your enemies gather, for patience begets victory in the theater of war." - General Nakami

Blessing of Savagery - (DYN013)

The blood of the enemy is worn as a reminder that strength rules all, here in the Savage Lands.

Blessing of Steel - (DYN073)

"Not merely a sword, nor steel. It is our resolve that makes us strong." - Hala Goldenhelm

Crown of Dominion - (DYN234)

"I will watch over this Dynasty till my very last breath. Its power, riches, and enemies, I take as my own." - Emperor, Dracai of Aesir

Dust from the Golden Plains - (DYN002)

The Golden Plains of Solana, where the barley stands guard.

Dust from the Red Desert - (DYN003)

The Red Desert of Volcor, where the burning sands prowl.

Dust from the Shadow Crypts - (DYN004)

The Shadow Crypts of the Demonastery, where flesh finds new form.

Mindstate of Tiger - (DYN048)

"First you must believe, then see, and finally, become." - Grandmaster Li

Pay Day - (DYN123)

"Another day, another job, another rat to kill." - Jackdaw

Qi Unleashed - (DYN059)

The body is but a vessel that contains your Qi. Let go, unleash the power that lies within.

Reinforce Steel - (DYN039)

It is said that the Imperial Forge of Volcor produces the sturdiest armor in all of Rathe.

Skull Crack - (DYN008)

Like most fruits of the forest, the good part's inside the shell.

Spirit of Eirina - (DYN066)

"Her spirit inside me, always." - Boltyn

Visit the Imperial Forge - (DYN085)

The sharpest blades of Rathe are forged within molten rivers that flow from the heart of Mt. Volcor.